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Submit Grades - TeacherPlus HTML5 Article not rated yet
Submit a Gradebook Depending on your school's policy, you may be required to submit your gradebooks to the main office for each marking period. There are many benefits to submitting grades using the ...
Take Attendance - TeacherPlus HTML5 Article not rated yet
Take Attendance The Attendance feature adds a simple approach to taking and submitting daily attendance, saving you time.   Click .
Create a Template - TeacherPlus HTML5 Article not rated yet
Create a Template With the template feature, you can easily customize column templates for different situations, based on various Demographic, System, and Gradebook columns. For example, you could cu...
Customize Header Rows - TeacherPlus HTML5 Article not rated yet
Customize Header Rows When you've created Score columns for your class assignments, quizzes, or exams, you can choose which Header Row labels to display for the Score columns (for example, Name, Cate...

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