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Submit a Disciplinary Incident


Whenever a student commits an infraction, you can submit the incident directly from your portal. Upon submitting the incident, it is sent to your school's front desk for approval, and, after approved, the incident will remain in the student's permanent record. When adding an incident, you can select from a list of predefined infractions, actions, and places, add your own comments, and indicate time served.

  1. From the Home page, open the class the student is in.
  2. Click Discipline on the class navigation bar.
  3. Click the student's name from the View incidents for list.
  4. In the Incident Submittal panel, click Add.

    Incident Submittal Panel

  5. At the top of the New Incident Form page, set the date the incident took place.

    Set Incident Date

  6. Optional: Set a follow-up date at the upper-right corner. The follow-up date can be used by the front desk to send information to parents, such as letters. This date is to be the same as the incident date from step 5, unless indicated by your school otherwise.
  7. In the Infraction panel, click Add, click an incident type, and then click Select.

    Select an Infraction

    After you select an infraction, an action is automatically selected for you in the Actions panel, based on your school's policies. Although you can edit the number and types of actions relating to an incident, you should consult your school's policy first.

  8. Optional: In the Action panel, click Add, and then set the date for when the action will be taken for the infraction. For example, the date could be when the student will serve detention.
  9. Optional: Select an action type from the list, and then click Select.
  10. Optional: If any other teachers were involved in the incident, click Add in the Teacher panel, click a teacher from the list, and then click Select.
  11. In the Place panel, click Add, click a place from the list for when the incident took place, and then click Select.
  12. Optional: Enter any comments of your own in the Comment panel.
  13. In the Served panel, click Add, and select the date when the student completed serving time for the infraction.
  14. Select one of the options from the list regarding how the student served time, and click Select.

    If the student has yet to serve time for the incident, you may want to leave the Served section blank, save the form, and return to the form when the information is available. Be sure to click Save (and not Submit) if you're not yet ready to submit the form to your school's front desk.

  15. Do one of the following:
    • If you're ready to submit the form, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
    • Click Save if you need to return to the form later to add more information.
  16. To print the form, click Print.

To return to a form you've saved, click the Discipline tab on the class navigation bar. Click the student's name in the View incidents for list. The incident form you saved can be found in the Incident Submittal panel, from which you can view, print, edit, delete, or submit the incident.

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