Add Comment/Citizenship to a Student

Include Comment/Citizenship column

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click View on the navigation bar, and then click Columns (Templates).
      Column Templates
    • Click Template Options, and then click Edit or New.
      Template Options
    • Right-click a demographic column, and then click Select Columns (Edit Template). Select Columns (Edit Template)
  2. In the Gradebook Columns area, double-click a column to select it.
    Select Gradebook Columns
  3. To reorder the columns, use the up and down arrows in the Selected areas.
  4. Click Save As.
  5. In the Save Template As dialog box, click the Save as a new Template option, name the template, and click OK.
    Save Template As
  6. To access a list of all templates you've created as well as default templates preloaded with TeacherPlus, click the template drop-down list.
    Template List

    NOTE: Default TeacherPlus templates appear in brackets, whereas those created by you don't appear.

  7. To save any new changes to a selected template, click Template Options, and then do one of the following:
    • Click Save to apply the changes to the selected template.

      NOTE: This option is not available for default templates that come preloaded with TeacherPlus: [Name & Average], [Name Only], and [RC View]. Any column changes made while a default template is selected can't be saved to the template itself; instead, save the changes as a new template.

    • Click Save As to save the changes as a new template.
      Tempalte Options List

NOTE: Important: Whenever you make any new changes to a selected template (such as adding, removing, or resizing columns), the template changes to [Custom] in the template list. Any changes you make are automatically saved to [Custom] continuously until you choose to save the changes to the template you had selected or as a new template. Performing this manual save is only needed if you plan on switching between templates. Keep in mind that default templates cannot be altered, meaning that any changes made to a selected default template will need to be manually saved as a new template or automatically saved by TeacherPlus as [Custom].

Hide/Unhide a Comment/Citizenship column

Add a Comment/Citizenship to student

  1. Right-click the cell of the Comment column corresponding to a student.
    Comment Column
  2. From the list of options in the shortcut menu, click Enter Comment.
    Enter Comment
  3. From the list of comments in the Comments dialog box, click a comment, and then click Select.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 to change an existing comment.

NOTE: Each marking period has its own set of Comment columns. As a result, the comments you enter for one marking period will not apply to other marking periods.

TIP: You can apply filters to the comments in the Comments dialog box by clicking the Filter icon Filter Icon.

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