Add a Narrative to a Student

Add a Narrative to a Student

In the Narrative column, you have the flexibility to add any commentary to any student for a given marking period. Unlike comments, narratives are not limited to a list of pre-populated comments prepared by your school. (For more information about comments, see the topic Add a Comment/Citizenship to a Student.) You may choose to make the narrative appear on students' progress reports, and the narratives will be available to parents in PlusPortals.

  1. In the Narrative column, click the Narrative icon corresponding to a student to display a dialog box.

    NOTE: If the Narrative column is hidden, right-click a Pane column (for example, the Student Name column). From the list of options, click Unhide Narrative.

  2. Type your narrative commentary in the first text field.
    Narrative Dialog Box

    Use the mini toolbar above the text field to format your narrative.

  3. Click Done.

NOTE: After the narrative has been created, the Narrative icon changes from Empty Narrative to Complete Narrative in the Narrative column.

TIP: When adding a narrative for a student, you can also select from a list of pre-populated comments in the FIRST MARKING PERIOD COMMENTS area. Type 1 in any of the COMMENT (CITIZENSHIP) text fields to choose from a list of comments.