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Create a Template - TeacherPlus HTML5


Create a Template

With the template feature, you can easily customize column templates for different situations, based on various Demographic, System, and Gradebook columns. For example, you could customize a template that only shows students' names and the Narrative and Comment columns. A template stores the columns as well as their width (as customized by you). TeacherPlus comes preloaded with default templates that you can use or customize further as your own.

  1. On the home screen, click Three Dots Template next to Template Options.

  2. Click New.
  3. Name the template in the Template Name box.

    Select Columns Dialog Box

  4. Optional: Select the Hide All Score Columns check box to hide all your gradebook score columns.

    Hiding all score columns is useful when you want to only display demographic columns.

  5. Drag a column from the Demographic & System Columns list to the Selected Demographic & System Columns list to include that column in your template.

    Click X Icon next to a column name to delete it from your template.

  6. Drag a column from the Gradebook Columns list to the Selected Gradebook Columns list to include that column in your template.
  7. Optional: Select any of the check boxes next to Student Name, Unique ID, APID, or Average and Grade to display the column(s) on the right side of your gradebook.
  8. Click Save.


To modify your template, right-click a student's name, click Select Columns (Edit Template), and make any applicable changes.

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