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Take Attendance - TeacherPlus HTML5


Take Attendance

The Attendance feature adds a simple approach to taking and submitting daily attendance, saving you time.


  1. Click ATT Icon.

  2. To mark all students as present, skip steps 3 and 4, and proceed to step 5.

    If you don't enter any attendance codes for a student, he or she will be entered as present when the main office receives the attendance data.

  3. Do either of the following:
    • In the Class column, right-click a cell corresponding to a student, and then click an attendance option.
    • Click the desired cell to display an attendance option, and click the cell again, if applicable, to change your attendance option. For example, clicking the cell could change the attendance option to A, and clicking the cell again could change the attendance option to T.

    Take Attendance

  4. Repeat step 2 for all applicable students.
  5. Click AT: Submit to send your attendance data to the main office.

    Submit Attendance

    When attendance has been successfully submitted, Attendance Icon appears next to the course in the navigation menu.

  6. Click Green ATT Icon to close the Attendance columns.
  7. To review attendance from a past week, click Attendance > Weekly View on the navigation menu, and click Left Arrow and Right Arrow to navigate to the desired attendance week.

    Weekly Attendance View

    You can edit past attendance in the Weekly Attendance View by clicking Un-Submit above the day you want to edit, right-clicking the desired cell in the Class column, clicking the correct attendance code, and then clicking Submit above the day you edited.

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