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The current TeacherPlus Gradebook based on Microsoft Silverlight will not work on recent versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Make sure you're using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to open TeacherPlus Gradebook.

Link to current TeacherPlus>

Rediker is working on a HTML5 version that will work on any modern browser. If you want to test it and give it a try click here.

Rediker Software has released TeacherPlus Gradebook in HTML5 beta; great news for our Teachers!

HTML5 offers cross-browser compatibility without requiring plug-ins, meaning that TeacherPlus Gradebook works on any computer, in browser, including the latest Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge versions. Additionally, HTML5 offers greater speed and a responsive user experience on mobile devices.

The HTML5 Beta version of TeacherPlus Gradebook has a brand new interface, but with familiar functionality. Indeed, though some of the features work a bit differently than they do in the Silverlight (current) version, most of them work similarly enough to assure a smooth transition between versions.

To help our teachers quickly adapt to this new version, download the TeacherPlus Gradebook HTML5 Beta Quick Start Guide here>.

Teachers can access the new version directly from their portal Home page, as illustrated below:
PlusPortal HTML5 link
It’s important to note that some of the features available in the current version are still being developed and perfected for the HTML5 Beta version, hence why this is a Beta version and not yet a full general release. These features include, but are not limited to: Reports, Seating Charts, and Skills Calculations. It has been quite a challenge to replicate in HTML5 all of the functionality offered by the current version, but Rediker Software will be working continuously throughout the year to bring us a most comprehensive, full-featured version.

Fill free to try out this beta version and send us your feedback at, your input is very valuable. We will be reporting Rediker Software your feedback.

Click the image below to login to TeacherPlus gradebook – HTML 5 beta:


*If you need to reset your password please leave a Support Ticket to our Records Office so you can be assisted.


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